'If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

Polarity Therapy - the Power that Heals

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a profound form of treatment blending eastern and western health concepts.  It works on many levels: subtle energy: nervous, muscular-skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems: and at emotional and mental levels.

Polarity recognizes a basic scientific law that energy fields exist throughout the universe and that energy moves from a positive to
a negative pole, through a neutral field. 

Polarity asserts that the flow and balance of the body's electro-magnetic energy field is the underlying foundation of health.  It eliminates these blocks and gently restores health and vitality.  While deeply relaxing, it releases stubborn conditions, pain and stress. 
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What is a Session like?

Wearing comfortable clothing you begin by relaxing on a massage table.  Your session will address your specific concerns whether physical or emotional such as fatigue, pain, digestion, stress or relaxation.  Practitioners do not diagnose or treat medical conditions however symptoms are clues to where energy blocks may exist

A blend of light, moderate or deep touch may be used during your session.  You will find yourself going into a profound state of relaxation as your treatment progresses. 

After your session you will feel relaxed.  Within 48 hours you will notice either subtle or dramatic results.  These may include improved energy, posture, digestion; ease in breathing, graceful movement and a freeing of symptoms.  Ongoing treatments build on each other gently restoring health, energy and vitality. 

Do you Suffer from:
*  Anxiety / Stress / PMS
*  Disruptive / Poor sleep
*  Chronic / Serious problems
*  Repetitive stress injuries
*  Joint problems, stroke, head injury
*  Mid to low back / Sacrum pain and stiffness
*  Neck / Shoulder / back pain, tension

Polarity Therapy can help! 

How Many Sessions will I Need?

Specific conditions:  3 - 12 consecutive sessions

Chronic, long-term conditions:  minimum of 12 consecutive sessions

For optimal good health:  bi-weekly or monthly

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Polarity Therapy

These techniques are not intended to replace medical treatment but to complement them.

Create a life of harmony and balance

Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit

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testimonial - I have been going to Dianne for polarity for 20 years, and as a painter and commercial artist with frequent back, neck
and shoulder issues, I can always count on relief.  Dianne’s magic works through and heals tight, painful areas and invariably helps restore balance after the 24-48 hr adjustment period.  Joy

The Power That Heals
Artist - Joy Hanser
Dianne's Stress Tip

Benefits: Reduce eye strain

Moving only your eyes:
- Look to the right & hold 5-10 seconds
- Repeat looking to the left & hold
- Look up & hold then look down & hold
- Relax your eyes by closing for 10-15 sec

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